Single Surname

TreeGen A single surname research line. Quite often this will be Mothers or Fathers but can be any.

After we establish the target person for your research report (that is the person who the report is for) we will then research your chosen surname back as far as we can. This will usually be back to the late 1700’s-early 1800’s

It’s likely you will choose either your paternal, fathers line or maternal, mothers line so depending on your choice, the report will include detailed research information on:

The target person
Their Father & Mother
Their Paternal or Maternal Grandfather
Their Paternal or Maternal Great Grandfather
Their Paternal or Maternal 2nd Grandfather
Their Paternal or Maternal 3rd Grandfather
and so on.

Also included on the graphical family tree will be spouses of the above, together with their birth , marriage and death dates where possible and siblings of the above that are shown on census returns.
Each researched person have their own section in the completed report. The first page of each section showing  name, birth and death dates, occupation, relationship to target. a picture if available and a timeline of events. The following section pages then have details of all research results. Old maps are also often included showing areas of interest.
This package includes 1 copy of a birth or marriage certificate should we need it to prove a connection.

We present our reports printed on quality stock, bound with a hardcover springback binder. A presentation box is also included.

Price includes a “signed for” delivery using either a postal or courier service.

Please read about the ordering process here, then contact us if you would like to discuss this package.